Malandrino Oil, a Cilento P.D.O.

It is born in Perdifumo, the heart of Cilento, where the sea breeze coming from the coast meets the inconstant mood of the hill, harsh and gentle at the same time, that gives the olives such a unique taste, sublimating in a strong yet delicate oil.


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Malandrino oil is one of us

In those years the small olive oil mill was open by Gennaro, a typical Cilento man, a clever and stubborn worker, who, supported by his wife Antonia, a smart and hardworking woman, turns the traditional manual press system into an electric activated system: the use of electricity became more and more popular at that time.

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In 1977 Gennaro’s children, Antonio and Angelo Maria, founded the F.lli Malandrino Company, strengthening their bond and replacing the family old olive oil mill with modern machineries. Two years later they added a packaging department, thus starting the production and sale of the oil named after their family: Malandrino oil.

“Since the 1950’s we produce oil, always with the same respect for our land, Cilento, that gives us exceptional fruits, always with the same passion that allows us to face every year with the same enthusiasm and dedication.”
Antonio Malandrino


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The business grows thanks to the passion and dedication.

With time Angelo and Antonio had been working hard to expand the family company. They acquired a piece of land which, in a few years, became a 30.000 square meters firm with a magnificent olive tree grove. In 1989 they founded the Oleificio Serra Marina, whose purpose was to support the oil production with other services.


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Tradition and technology in respect of earth.

Almost ten years later, in 1998, the company obtained the authorization to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cilento P.D.O. according to the characteristics of the production guideline in according with the European Union Regulations n. 1065/97 published on the Official Gazette n. 193 of August 20 th 1998.
Soon the company Serra Marina reaches a high position in the PDO EVO sale, thus contributing to the socio-economic development of the territory, in which it is more and more settled.

“ We respect nature which gives us so much, that’s why we have always tried to preserve it and we have installed solar panels to produce electric energy for our machinery.”
Angelo Maria Malandrino


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Olive grower from three generations

The family tradition continues with the last generation, represented by Antonio’s daughters, Antonella, Angelica and Clara.

They are the new heart of the company, an all-female team who decided to renew themselves in 2018.
Through the years the Malandrino sisters have learned all the secrets of the oil milling from their grandfather, whose memory is still vivid, to their loving father and forward-looking uncle, Angelo Maria, whom they love very much.

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A renewal that looks like a return to their roots: Serra Marina is replaced by the family name Malandrino, to highlight the bond with the indestructible golden thread of the oil.
The colors and the key packaging are renewed in modern key but the quality and the taste stay true to the authenticity of the centennial tradition.


“Because our oil is the Malandrino oil as it has always been”
Antonella, Angelica e Clara Malandrino.