Between October and November the mill is livened up to begin the milling ritual, whose time is beaten by the noise of the grinders and the fruity scent of the new olive oil, which expands in the air reminding of ancient tastes and knowledge, jealously kept by the Malandrinofamily, preserving the heart and the ability of a good miller.

The mill, covers an area of 1200 square meters. It consists of three production lines with a capacity of 100 .000 kg per hour. For this reason, it is capable to mil, in 24 hours from the harvest, a huge amount of olives, preserving the taste and their benefits.

All the production steps and all the requirements of the milling process are carefully followed and completed by expert workers, who use the machinery in full safety.
After being stored in stainless steel silos, the oil is conserved and naturally settled at a constant and controlled temperature.
Only after the chemical and organoleptic Panel Test controls, the oil is bottled.


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Our Services


For the customers who process their own olives inMalandrino Mill, we offer the following services:
– Olive collection (only in Salerno and suburbs)
– Olive storage in our warehouse
– Bottling and packaging according to their distribution needs


Malandrino Oil, an excellent product, enhances the private label and guarantees the safety and quality recognized and rewarded by the market. Only the oil produced by Serra Marina Mill can be bottled, labeled and packaged with the customer brand.

Tell us about your brand and we’ll help you find a custom-made oil for you.


Thanks to our modern packaging system, our high quality standards and our organizational flexibility we can provide further services to other companies such as packaging of salt, vinegar, spices and other seasoning with the guarantee and reliability established by the IFS and BRC certifications.
We are successful partners of acclaimed brands from Italy and all over the world, and we always guarantee expertise, quality and confidentiality.

Our quality certifications

Our company meets the main standards of certifications approved at international level and shared by the Italian and international large-scale distribution industry.

certificazioni olio frantoio malandrino


It’s the indissoluble bond with the Cilento land, that wanes towards the coast, when the hills dive into the blue sea.

It’s Terra a Mare (Land to Sea) – shaped into the olive trees, whose roots cling to the land while its leaves sway and season with the mild air of the sea.
It’s Terra Amara ( Bitter Land) – when it is not generous with a copious harvest.
It’s Terra da Amare ( Land to be loved) – always, as long as it gives the best fruits.
It’s TerraMare – the new brand of Malandrino Oil, that recalls its extraordinary flavor, an exceptional union only nature can give .