TerraMare Cilento

The P.D.O. extra virgin oil from Cilento

is one of the most excellent product of the national olive tree cultivation and it is exclusively produced in 62 villages of the Cilento National Park. It has been approved by the Italian large-scale distribution and by the Finest Food since it is the only Italian P.D.O. with an added value: Cilento, its land of origin, able to transfer a rich organoleptic and sensory heritage thanks to its polyphenols.

0,25L / 0,50L / 0,75L glass formats
1L/3L/5L can formats

TerraMare Italia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Italian, produced after an accurate Italian olive selection, fully pressed in our olive-press.

This makes the oil preserve all its nutrional principles and its organoleptic qualities as if the fruit had been just pressed.

Its flavor is delicate, slightly fruity with vegetal notes

1L glass formats
3L/5L can formats

Organic TerraMare

Extra Virgin Olive Oil uniquely obtained from organic agriculture Italian olives, without the use of pesticides or other chemical substances. It is pressed in a dedicated extraction line to preserve its peculiarity. The milling happens after maximum 4 or 5 hours from the harvest in a dedicate line of the mill whie the whole production process is constantly monitored.

0,50L glass format


A product line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Monocultivar exclusively obtained by olives coming from Cultivar Mill or from Pisciotta variety.

0,50L glass format


The traditional flavor of the Extra Virgin Olive Oli, 100% Italian, meets the spicy notes of Pepper, the aromatic notes of Basil and the undergrowth scent of Truffle creating the Gust’Oil seasoning.

Threes seasoned oils that enhances the spice fragrance creating a strong flavored and elegant seasoning that gives a unique flavor to the dishes.

0,25L glass format

TerraMare Oliva

The Olive Oil is a blend of refined olive oil, coming from a refining process which eliminates the aroma, acidity and flavor imperfections, with a percentage of extra virgin olive oil.

1L glass format